Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In a recent trip to California to visit with my DIL's family, Mason came home with this Davy Crockett hat. Doesn't he look cute????????

Monday, December 29, 2008

I have added Christmas Photos to my web albums. It is the Christmas 2008 album. Enjoy.
Mason is a ham when a camera is pointed in his direction. So he scrunches up his face for the camera. He does like to have his picture taken. And Grandma took a few pictures.

I decided to fix a supper for Christmas Eve in our motorhome for us. Went ahead and gave Mason his gifts. He really loved all, especially the police truck that I got him. This is Mason with his Shape Sorter and a football. The colors of the football are red and white. Not orange. Our stay in Hooker was so short. Was able to spend some good time with son and family and especially the grandson.

On Christmas morning, my DIL, Rachel made us breakfast. And it was very good.

I will have to take some pictures of the gift that Rachel made me. One is a tote bag with my monogram on it. She does machine embroidery and is very good at it. The other gift is a small garbage bag for my Jeep. It will hang on the vent. She does good work.

From Hooker, we made the short journey to Boise City, for a visit with friends. And it was a very good visit.

We are now on the road headed to Gilbert, to see Marshal's son and family. Spending the night in Roswell, New Mexico. The UFO capital of the world. Have never spent the night here. Only have been here one time before.

As I get the time and on line will put some pictures on my picture site for all to view.

Friday, December 26, 2008

As ya'll know I was involved in a Secret Santa exchange this Christmas. These pictures show the gifts that I received from my Secret Santa. Her name is Dinah and she does some darn good work.
Here several weeks ago, we decided that we could make a trip for this December. I wanted to spend Christmas with son, DIL, and grandson. Besides I haven't seen them for over a year. And the grandson has really grown. So we made plans to hit the road a few days before Christmas. Head to Oklahoma and spend a few days, then come home by way of Gilbert, Arizona. The closer it came to departure time, the more serious I got about watching the weather. Our plan was to travel between storms and sit out the storms. We did have a couple of days of good weather before we left and we should have left on those days, but alas, we didn't. The day we left, it was snowing, but figured the roads would be wet. Well, for the most point, they were wet with some packed snow. The freeway in Idaho wasn't all that bad, but we hit the Utah state line and the road was worst. The only places they were okay was at Brigham City and Ogden. Going through Weber Canyon, it could have been worst, but mostly with lots of slush. The closer to Evanston, Wyoming we got, the worst the roads got. Decided that we needed gas in Evanston, we left the freeway. We tend to fuel at Flying J's most of the time. Do get a penny a gallon for discount and usually they are easy in and out with the motorhome. But this one in Evanston, is a real pain for any vehicle that has some length to it. To fill up the Jeep, had to block part of the parking in front of the store. In trying to get through town, called the 511 road info number to see how the highways were ahead of us. Well, chain requirements were put into place for the stretch of road called the Three Sisters. This is three long hills east of Evanston. So we went looking for a place to park. Only one rv park that we could find, but it was closed for the season. Found the Walmart and joined the trucks parked there. It took us most of the day to make 150 miles.
Next day, we hit the road after I checked with the road info to make sure the roads were in good shape. Was making some good time, as the road was mainly clear. That is until we got to Green River, Wyoming. The highway sign was saying that the road was closed 66 miles ahead due to wind and snow. So we stopped at the KOA in Rock Springs, Wyoming. We did want to make at least Rawlins, but no way. We only traveled about 1 ½ hour that day. The wind was blowing all day long and it didn't warm up at all.
Third day of travel, wanted to really make some miles to help make up lost time due to the weather. Well, the roads were in good shape and away we went. To date, we had froze water, so were not able to take showers and wanted to find some place nice and warm. Spent the night in Greeley, Colorado with more cold weather.
Come Monday, was hoping for warmer temps, didn't find them. But found more wind. Marshal decided that we were gonna get into Hooker today, no matter what. The roads were in great shape. But we had wind all day long. Depending on what direction we traveled, it was either a cross wind or head wind. When we got to Liberal, was hoping that the wind would be somewhat at our back. Well, that would have worked, that is if the wind had stayed in the right direction, but it turned to the east and Marshal had to fight it from the opposite direction. So we were pretty tired when we finally got to Hooker.
Come Tuesday morning, I headed over to the son's to see the grandson. At first Mason was shy, but once I set up my computer and opened an email with a link to an animated card, he was my new best friend. Mason has really grown over the past year. And he is on the go most of the time. We had some interesting conversations.
Tonight is Christmas Eve. Had supper here at the Motor Home with the kids. Gave them their Christmas gifts. Mason may not understand what is going on, but he does like the gifts. I did take quite a few pictures. Tomorrow morning we will have breakfast as the kids. Will spend the morning with them. They will then go to my son's father's home for Christmas dinner. The weather today has been really nice. It has warmed up and we have been able to take showers.
Our Christmas Day was pretty nice. Spent the morning with grandson, Mason and his parents. The day was really nice weather wise. And of course, Mason was in fine form. We just sat around the motorhome and chilled out. The weather has really been really nice for December in the Oklahoma panhandle.
No pictures of the weather while we were traveling. Too busy watching the roads. At one point, wished I did have the camera and was sitting in my seat. But had to sit on the couch with the pups and only got to watch a coyote try to get some road kill off the road. Marshal could not move over due to traffic and he laid on the horn to get the coyote's attention. Finally at the last minute, the coyote ran off the road. So we managed not to kill any wildlife on our trip.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yesterday, I heard the mailman pull up to our gate. I looked out the window and he was carrying a couple of letters and a package. Well, in that package from my Secret Santa Pal was the above pictures. The wrappings of the packages are really pretty. I love the card. I now have to wait until Christmas Eve to open the packages and see what she sent me.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I am sitting here in my brand new sweater. This is the first time I have used Homespun yarn and I sure do like it. It is nice, soft and warm. I see more sweaters in my future using this yarn. And right now, I am thinking that maybe for Christmas next year, the grandkids may need a hoodie sweater like this.
When I bought the yarn, I thought I was getting just one color, but as I worked the sweater, realized that it is more of a self striping yarn and I really like the results.
I have one skein left of the yarn and am thinking of getting another skein and make a pair of matching socks for me.

Well, I think that I am done with Christmas gifts for this year. This is the last for me to make. But that can change at any minute also. These are potholders. They are made with washcloths and crocheting edging with thread. They are fairly easy to do, just have to remember how to work in order on the edges so that the cloths will lay flat. I won't say who they are for, as that person may be able to see what part of their gift is. Several years ago, I bought one of those large packages of washcloths, like 10 for $2 or something like that. They do make nice potholders to use.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I have finished another Christmas gift. This is a sweater for my guy. His mom drives a pick up, so this should excite him pretty good. Not really my original idea though. A friend on one of my Yahoo groups gave us a link to a sweater that had a tow truck on it. And so I did some looking and figuring out, came up with my own graph for the pickup. And used the sweater pattern in the original link. On my graph paper, the truck looked pretty nice. But it has been so long since I did this type of knitting, my stitches really look bad for the tires and bumpers. I was so out of practice, but went ahead. This sweater is gonna be too big for him right now, but that is all right, he will grow into it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another day to fool around on. Well, I should have been doing some work around the house, but had a choice between spending the day at home working or a good part of the day on the ATV up in the hills tooling around. Guess what my choice was??????? LOL

This week we went into the foothills on the east side of town. Been up there before, so knew exactly where we were going. Took the director and our Senior Center and her husband with as she had never been there and his memories of the area are foggy. Mainly the alcoholic fog of teenage years!!!!!!!!!! Heard some good stories. We saw some real pretty country. Dry, but that is to be expected when we haven't had rain for some time. Saw quite a few hunters out looking for elk. Elk Cow season opened up today and goes to November 15th. We didn't see any. At first, it was kind of cold at times. Especially in the canyon where the sun had not made the trip yet. It did warm up later in the day, which was nice.

Only took a couple of pictures today. Bottom one is geese flying south for the winter. Was waiting on Marshal and could hear them for quite some time. It always amazes me how they know where to fly and when. Middle picture is Angel waiting to hit the road. She really loves to ride in her basket. She sits there and watches where we are going. Top picture is the ATVs and two of our riders. Front one in the orange sweatshirt is the director and the man behind her is our friend George. The other two were walking around a building where we stopped for a rest.

This may be the last ride of the season. Depends on the weather.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

On my Campground Crafters group, we are involved in a Secret Santa exchange. By the end of November, we to send a card to our secret pal. Well, my Secret Santa Pal sent me this table topper instead of a card. Man, I wish I could quilt like this. I love it. It goes on my kitchen table for the season. Whoever is my Secret Santa pal does good work.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Several days ago, a few people got together and decided to go for a ride on their ATVs. We were asked to go with and decided that we could. Off we went to the mountains west of our home after breakfast. The going was kind of chilly at first, but as the day went on, it did get warmer. The snow in the above picture is from last weekend when we got some snow here at home.

On this trail, we ran into this log across the trail. Did some serious looking at moving the log, and finally decided to go around. No problem for those of us that had four wheel drive, but one member of the group does not have four wheel drive, so he had to be winched up the little hill. Coming back, he was able to climb the hill just fine.

Some of the sights we saw were 4 deer on a hillside watching us. There were hunters out as it is deer season in this part of the country. If you go to the link on the right that says My Pictures, you can see more pictures of our day. Several pictures show a couple stacks of logs that a logging company has been logging on the mountain. When I first saw the stacks, I was thinking maybe small stacks, but when we got to them, they were like 15 feet high and a good 50 feet long. Lots of logs!!!!

After lunch, we took to the trail and ended up at a dead end, so had to turn around. Which is all right. We did see lots of trails we can do some other day.

Angel had a darn good time riding in her basket. She loves going for these rides.

It is a good possibility that this is the last ride for the season as winter is here. Although if the weather holds, we could go out again.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Well, it has been cooling off here in southeast Idaho. This is me, Angel and a friend George out on the side of one of our many mountains today. What happened. Well, the gang would go out 4 wheeling on their ATVs and I would be left behind, as I didn't have one. I do prefer my Jeep for serious 4 wheeling though. Finally told Marshal that he needed to buy me an ATV so I could join the rest. So Tuesday, we went shopping. Was able to bring the new playtoy home on Thursday. And today was the first day that we were able to get out and do some trail running. The weather has been wet since Friday night. Which is all right, we are really dry and have been experiencing a drought for several years. We did run into some mud holes, which I did hit at a fast rate of speed. But most of the road was either close to dry or mud. At several points, I did have mud balls flying in all directions.

I do have to get me some more equipment before our next trip out. Mainly a helmet, a bavaclava and some thermal underwear. Once we got off the mountain and into the wind, it turned colder. Angel just buried herself down in her blanket in the basket.

They put me in the lead and let me take them any place. And I know no place that I won't go, unless there is not a ATV trail. That way we can see more country.

Hopefully we will get out next Saturday, but it is deer season, so may not go out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is one of many pictures that I took from our recent trip. Click on and it will take you to my albums with Google. There you will find more pictures from this trip. Plus other trips and memories.

We have spent all summer home this year due to doctor appointments and gas prices. So we were finally able to get away for Marshal to do some fishing and me just to get away. We decided to go to Cub River south of Preston, Idaho for several days. There is a National Forest campground there and in previous years, some darn good fishing. Marshal decided on Saturday the 13th for us to hit the road on the 14th. So I had one day to get the stuff into the motorhome. I was pushed for time, but as we was not gonna be in a hurry the next day to hit the road, I was able to get what we needed loaded.

Was able to make the 52 mile trip just fine with no problems. Arriving on a Sunday, figured that most of the campground would be empty. And that is how we found the campground. Most everyone had already left, leaving very few still there. And most of them left after our arrival.

The weather was pretty good, even though it is autumn. The nights did get cold, but having enough bedding on the bed helped. Plus a good furnace in the motorhome. Days were really nice. Layering clothes was the best way to dress for the days.

The leaves on the oak trees were shades of reddish orange and a lot of them have changed. The aspen were just beginning to change to yellow. And very few aspen were even starting to change. But there still lots of colors. The willows along the river were just also starting to change to yellow. I am sure that the rest of the month will see more drastic changes.

On Monday, Marshal told me that I could take the ATV and go riding while either he was fishing or resting. So I opted to take it while he was resting and go for a ride. Also, Angel wanted to do some riding. We had seen a new trail the Forest Service had graded by the river and up over the mountain. So guess where I went??? Yuppers, away Angel and I went with the camera for pictures. The trail would have made a good Jeep trail if it had been wide enough. If I manage to go more than 5 miles an hour in spots, I was making good time. Most of the time it was much slower than that. And in several places, I had to go down to low gear and 4 wheel drive to get through the bad places. I was in seventh heaven to be able to do some 4 wheeling!!! We both had a good time doing it. After a couple of hours, I was just guessing the time, I figured that we better head back to the motorhome. We could have kept going on the trail, but decided that Marshal might be freaking out if we were gone too long. But I made the decision that when we go back to Cub River, we will do more exploring on those trails. Didn't see any wildlife, unless you count the cattle.

Marshal fished most of the time, but he only managed to catch 3 fish for two days. Always before, he would catch his limit for the day. There just wasn't any fish to catch. I think that it had been fished pretty hard that weekend and that most of the fish were gone.

We did some discussing on Monday night about staying longer. Decided that it really wasn't worth it as he wasn't catching fish. So decided to leave the next morning and go to Deep Creek reservoir close to home. After arriving at Deep Creek, really couldn't find a place that we could even get the motorhome close to level. So went onto Devil Creek. Found one site that could work, but since we were so close to home, just came home a day early.

At least we did get away for a couple of days. Can't wait until we get away again, even though it may be next spring.

One of my ongoing projects is making a set of books with the alphabet, numbers, colors, and a busy book for the two youngest grandchildren and one of the great grandsons. So far I have finished up with the alphabet books and now am working on the number books. I am doing the books with plastic canvas and yarn. They are pretty durable books. Each page is pretty simple and can take some time in stitching, but they can work up quickly if I don't have to put them down. And on our recent trip, I took this particular book with me to work on. I had completed all the pages and was working on the bag that holds the book.
What I will do is give two books to the first granddaughter that turns 3 next August and the great grandson will turn 3 in November. They will then receive the last two books in the set at Christmas time. So this takes care of their birthdays and Christmas for next year.

I made a set of the books for one granddaughter several years ago for her 3rd birthday and the following Christmas or vice versa. She loved them.

Here awhile back this pattern was a free daily pattern at Annie's Attic. I fell in love with the pattern started thinking about how this would make a perfect birthday gift for one of the granddaughters. I am sure she will fall in love with it. And the colors will go perfectly in her bedroom. I do believe that if she can keep her little sister's hands off of it, I will have to make one for her also. I used double strands and it went quickly. I didn't have to have it ready until March of next year, so that is one birthday down for next year.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yes, another project done with. I have all this left over lavender thread in my stash and decided that I wanted to work a pineapple doily with it. So here it is. This doily was designed by Priscilla Hewitt and is a free pattern on the internet. I love pineapple doilies and had made quite a few over the years. I have a plastic storage crate that is almost empty. I have a few doilies in there for gifts when needed. My thoughts are to fill this crate with all kinds of doilies. That way I would have lots of gifts when needed or to use through out the house.

I have been told that my great grandmother would be proud of my work. Well, she is a hero of mine. She lived to be 93 years old. And she crocheted with thread until her death, even though she had trouble seeing. For my marriage to my first husband, she crocheted a thread edging on a towel. Which I do have in my cedar chest to hand down to my son. Most times she would make her great grandchildren tired just trying to keep up with her. She was 16 when she had my grandmother and was bringing children into this world for the next 28 years. There for awhile, she and my grandmother were having children the same years, just months apart. And my great grandmother took care of my father's family when my grandmother couldn't. So she helped to raise my dad's family.

Marshal came to me today and says, he and a friend are headed to the mountains on the ATVs. And was I staying at home???? He finally decided that maybe he better find out if I wanted to go with. Good thing!!! So we went after the friend, loaded up Angel in the basket and off we went. Marshal decided that he wanted to go to a small place south of us called Cherry Cheek. At one time there was a small community there, but as time has gone by, most residents have moved to town or some place else. There is an old cemetery still there and he wanted to visit the cemetery. We both like checking out the old tombstones. And I make sure that I have my camera with, so that if a name stands out, or a possible genealogical connection, I have the picture.

We wanted to go down the frontage road along side the freeway to Cherry Creek. Well, that didn't work out, as we found a very locked gate. So backtracked several miles to Two Mile Canyon road and headed back over the mountain. We have been on Two Mile Canyon several times in the past and it is a nice drive. From Two Mile Canyon, we took the Ridge Road to the turn off for Mud Springs, Cold Springs and Cherry Cheek. Having never been down that road, I went slow. Good thing. In several spots it was rough, even for the ATV. Finally after going back over the mountain, we arrived at the Cherry Creek cemetery. Saw some interesting tombstones that were quite old. One, not real sure on this one, but the man was buried with a wife on each side. Possible that he had both of those wives at the same time.

While at the cemetery, I took these pictures of Angel in the basket. The blanket is for padding and to help keep the wind out of her face, if she would use it for that. Plus we are able to put our water and the camera in there with her.

After being gone for several hours, we finally got back home. It was an enjoyable ride.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another free pattern on the Annie's Attic Free Pattern for the day website. Saw this and thought it would be just right for that special boy this coming Christmas. It is made out of plastic canvas and yarn. Worked up fairly good. With plastic canvas, I find that the cutting out of the individual pieces usually takes up most of my time. I missed the handles at the top of the container that a child can hold onto.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here about 2 weeks ago, I found a pretty pattern for a centerpiece doily on the internet at one of my free pattern sites. I fell in love with the pattern. I couldn't think of any reason to make it, as I have been involved with other projects lately. Then it hit me. I could make this doily as a birthday gift for someone. So I went to my stash and there was plenty of one shade to make it. So I started on it with a passion. It only took me a week to make the doily up and that includes some frogging (unraveling) a couple of rows. I was working on one on of the rows that had a lot of stitches in it and it was taking me forever to do that row. Got almost done and realized that I had made a mistake in the previous row. I tried to correct the mistake, but wasn't able to. I ended up tearing out one whole and almost a finished row to get back to the mistake and correct it. What was surprising, I was able to get those two rows done in no time at all. I finally finish this doily last night. It is 30 inches in diameter. The recipient loves it and knows exactly where she is gonna put it.

Now to my next project. I found another free pattern at Annie's Attic for a learning tool made out of plastic canvas. Was looking for similar project to make for my grandson. Has the different shapes with a container with corresponding holes, so the shapes can be put in. It is called a Primary Shape Sorter. Want to have it done for grandson for Christmas.

Friday, July 18, 2008

As ya'll can see, it was his first birthday. A milestone for the guy. He looks so much like his mother. So he probably has his father's temperament. Oh I do feel for my DIL if he does. That means she lives with two of a kind!!!!! LOL
Recently my DIL took some pictures of my guys and here they are. Yes, I am very proud of both. Especially the little one.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I haven't done anything on the blog for quite some time. Been pretty busy around home, Senior Center and church. I did do some work on another State Square afghan. It is closer to being done, but not quite. As I use this project as my fill in project when I have nothing else to, it goes slowly. I am working on projects for future Christmas and birthday gifts for the grandchildren. I have found a couple more projects that I do want to work on in the future. A rug for the floor in front of the kitchen sink, a rug for a little girl's room and maybe something else for the house.

I have bookmarked several sites on the Internet that feature free patterns and check them daily. I have managed to collect quite a few patterns that are either crochet, knit or plastic canvas needlepoint. I do know that these free sites have saved me hundreds of dollars.

I have also been busy with a serious cleaning on my house. It was and still is needed in some rooms. But am getting them done slowly but surely. We do want to do some traveling close to home this summer. Husband wants to get out and do some fishing. So hopefully we can fit a short trip into the budget this month and another next month.

One project that I have been working on is plastic canvas. This is a set of books for toddlers and pre-schoolers. It is a set of four books. ABC's, Numbers, Colors, and Activities. With a bag for each book. I have finished up the first book of the series. They are fairly easy to do, the hard consuming part is cutting the plastic canvas into the shapes that are needed for each book. And it really isn't hard, just time consuming. I have included some pictures of the ABC book and bag that I have recently finished up.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A few days I finally finished the first of 3 knitted states afghans. Each square is a different state. The squares measure like 8 by 8, with five squares across and ten down. So it is long and narrow. I started it as a project to use up some of the extra yarn that I have. Also thought it would make a nice gift to grandchildren when they are studying geography of the states. This is a project that I will work when I am not working on other projects. I still have two more to finish, and each one has only 3 more rows to do. And the border. The squares work up fairly easy, most in one day. That is when I have the time to sit down and work on them.

I also have finished up one more of the beaded purses. Working on the last one of those that I need to do. At the same time, I am also working on a plastic canvas project. It works up in 4 parts. First part is the Alphabet Book, then Colors, Numbers and then How To Do. Each book is then put into it 's own bag. I am making three of these for Christmas and birthday gifts for the 3 youngest grandchildren. When I finish up with the first book, will post a picture or two.

Monday, March 17, 2008

At 8 1/2 months old, this is my pride and joy. He is absolutely the most handsomest boy in the world. He is doing a dry run in the big boy car seat. The pacifier is my son's answer to the boy not using his thumb. Which I think he should be allowed to use. Yes, it does look he has red hair. Hope so. If he does, that means he got it from his grandma. Can't wait until I get to see him again.

Here are my latest projects. These are several rugs that I knitted and crocheted. They are made out of cotton yarn. The blue shades and white are from a pattern from Aunt Lydia's free patterns. The pattern calls for two strands of Denim thread, but I used one strand of the cotton yarn. I have done this pattern before using the cotton yarn. Those two rugs we use in our MH bathroom for in front of the shower. And that is what gave me the idea for these two rugs. We will use them in the house, in front of the shower. There will be some shrinkage when they are washed, but not much. The knitted rug is just a pattern I found on the internet. I used a multi-colored yarn paired with ecru for the color. Have no idea what I will do with this rug. May give it away, or use it around the house.
Viewers will notice some blue toes. Mine. Got them when I was taking the pictures. Also you will notice a four legged boss checking out the rugs. My thinking, she was wondering if she would get them for her bed or would I let her stay with the blankets she already has in her bed.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My latest project was a football dishcloth. The pattern worked up fairly easy and I was able to do it like in one night. I decided that since it was just one picture, I would scan the dishcloth, instead of using the camera. The picture is dark, but the pattern does show up nicely.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I have built up quite a nice stash of different yarns over the years. Plus several years ago, a cousin gave me her stash, as she really can't crochet anymore due to a health issue. I have been working on 3 state squares afghans here and have quite a few smaller balls of different colors to use up. I got thinking that a log cabin quilt afghan pattern would be good for using up some of these small balls. This is the completed afghan. As to what I am gonna do with it. Don't know for sure yet. But it is nice to have it around handy just in case for a gift.

Yes, another dishcloth. I am building up my stash of dishcloths for gift giving, or just for my own kitchen. This I knitted along with a group on Yahoo that I belong to. This is called Heart and Bow. It was a fairly easy pattern to work up. Helps keep my knitting skills stay active.
I have several sites that I check daily for free patterns. Let me tell ya, the internet sure is nice for free patterns. I get an idea of what I want to do and then search for a pattern to fit. I haven't bought any patterns for several years now. Saves money, I think. I use the extra money for buying yarn and thread.

This pattern is from the JPF Crochet site. Julie Bolduc posts free daily crochet patterns and this is her pattern.

I happen to have quite a few pony beads floating around for using when making scrunchies. Thought that this would make a nice bag. And it does using a varigated cotton yarn and the multi- colored beads. I am thinking that a solid color yarn with beads to match would really be nice. Have to put that project in the list to make in the future.

The pattern worked up quite fast, even though I was working with the beads. It is a fairly easy pattern to work with.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Crocheted Socks

I was sitting here the other night with freezing feet. I was wearing my everyday thin cotton socks with my knock off Crocs. Wanted something to keep my feet warm. Now for a few years been fooling around with the idea of making me some socks. I do happen to have several pattern books for crochet socks. So decided to make a pair. Went to the pattern books, found a basic pattern to work on. Also, another requirement was yarn to come out of my stash. And it all came together. I now have this pair of socks to wear. But I haven't stopped there. I am now working on a pair of knitted socks. These are worked on two needles, not the double pointed needles. What I am doing, found a pattern on the internet, found a pair of size 2 needles, and some baby yarn. I work on them for about 10 minutes, then have to rest my right hand. The pattern I am using calls for 4 ply sock yarn, which is very thin and size 2.75mm needles. There is no gauge, so have no idea if I am close to what the pattern is. But, oh well, when I get done, if the sock is the wrong size, I can always pull it out.
I do have a pattern to make tube socks using double pointed needles. But I am gonna modify it some and use two needles. Have done that before with something else and it came out just fine. Other than I did have to seam the item. Will see how it turns out.

More pictures out front. My wind mill is not covered due to the wind blowing, but you can see how the snow if drifting. The other is looking to the house across the street.

It is now middle of the afternoon, and it looks like the snow is slowing down. May have to go out and move some snow. Been watching the kid that lives catty corner from us moving some snow out of his grandmother's drive. This snow is heavy and wet. He is having trouble moving it with an ATV.

These pictures show our front porch before it was cleaned off. Those bushes are my rose bushes and they are covered up by several feet of snow.

More pictures of the snow. The left one shows our deck and I did open the door, but could not open the screen door to get closer to the snow. The railing around our deck is like 4 feet high. The other picture shows our front walk. If you look close, you can see the path that husband shoveled earlier this morning. Still no end in sight.

February 3 Winter Storm

Well, this morning we woke up to about 8 inches of snow on the ground and the wind blowing. It was definitely drifting the snow also. I took some pictures to show everyone what is going on here in southeast Idaho. We already had about 18 inches of snow on the ground from previous storms. Since it has been so cold also, very little snow has melted since December. These two pictures are taken out the back upstairs bedroom window. Tried to stay inside to take pictures. That black thing behind the grainary is a two wheel trailer that is almost buried. Next to it, if you can see them are two peach trees, that are about 2 feet high. They are just barely out of the snow. The other is the fence out along the side of our property. It is like 5 feet high. Give ya some idea how deep the snow is getting.
Have no idea how long it had been snowing when we got up, but there was about 8- 10 inches on the ground. Husband had put one of the pups outside around 1am and he said it wasn't snowing then. When husband went out for the paper, he did shovel a path up the front walk. When I got up about an hour later, that walk had about 2 inches on it. And it has been snowing all day long. According to the weather alert on my computer, it is cloudy. So have no idea what that white stuff is coming out of the sky.