Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here about 2 weeks ago, I found a pretty pattern for a centerpiece doily on the internet at one of my free pattern sites. I fell in love with the pattern. I couldn't think of any reason to make it, as I have been involved with other projects lately. Then it hit me. I could make this doily as a birthday gift for someone. So I went to my stash and there was plenty of one shade to make it. So I started on it with a passion. It only took me a week to make the doily up and that includes some frogging (unraveling) a couple of rows. I was working on one on of the rows that had a lot of stitches in it and it was taking me forever to do that row. Got almost done and realized that I had made a mistake in the previous row. I tried to correct the mistake, but wasn't able to. I ended up tearing out one whole and almost a finished row to get back to the mistake and correct it. What was surprising, I was able to get those two rows done in no time at all. I finally finish this doily last night. It is 30 inches in diameter. The recipient loves it and knows exactly where she is gonna put it.

Now to my next project. I found another free pattern at Annie's Attic for a learning tool made out of plastic canvas. Was looking for similar project to make for my grandson. Has the different shapes with a container with corresponding holes, so the shapes can be put in. It is called a Primary Shape Sorter. Want to have it done for grandson for Christmas.

Friday, July 18, 2008

As ya'll can see, it was his first birthday. A milestone for the guy. He looks so much like his mother. So he probably has his father's temperament. Oh I do feel for my DIL if he does. That means she lives with two of a kind!!!!! LOL
Recently my DIL took some pictures of my guys and here they are. Yes, I am very proud of both. Especially the little one.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I haven't done anything on the blog for quite some time. Been pretty busy around home, Senior Center and church. I did do some work on another State Square afghan. It is closer to being done, but not quite. As I use this project as my fill in project when I have nothing else to, it goes slowly. I am working on projects for future Christmas and birthday gifts for the grandchildren. I have found a couple more projects that I do want to work on in the future. A rug for the floor in front of the kitchen sink, a rug for a little girl's room and maybe something else for the house.

I have bookmarked several sites on the Internet that feature free patterns and check them daily. I have managed to collect quite a few patterns that are either crochet, knit or plastic canvas needlepoint. I do know that these free sites have saved me hundreds of dollars.

I have also been busy with a serious cleaning on my house. It was and still is needed in some rooms. But am getting them done slowly but surely. We do want to do some traveling close to home this summer. Husband wants to get out and do some fishing. So hopefully we can fit a short trip into the budget this month and another next month.

One project that I have been working on is plastic canvas. This is a set of books for toddlers and pre-schoolers. It is a set of four books. ABC's, Numbers, Colors, and Activities. With a bag for each book. I have finished up the first book of the series. They are fairly easy to do, the hard consuming part is cutting the plastic canvas into the shapes that are needed for each book. And it really isn't hard, just time consuming. I have included some pictures of the ABC book and bag that I have recently finished up.