Sunday, December 17, 2006

Size of Needle question

Been asked what size knitting needles I use for a particular dishcloth. Most of the patterns that I have used call for size 7 needles. But I think that a person should use what they are comfortable with. I have seen some patterns call for size 7, 6, or 5. Gauge isn't all that important in making dishcloths.

December KALs and CAL

I was recently asked about a pattern that was used for a CAL in December. The pattern is at this link,

This is a great site for finding all kinds of dishcloth patterns, crochet and knit.

In fact, the internet is a fantastic place for finding all kinds of patterns for crocheting and/or knitting. A good start is to type into your search engine on your browser, the kind of pattern you are looking for. Like crocheted dishcloth patterns, and you will end up with thousands of hits.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

These are my latest washcloths. I did these in Bernat Baby Tots. I wanted the softer yarn as they are for a baby that is expected in June. Will be my first grandbaby, so only the best for him/her. I have added these to the rest of the layette I have done so far, which include an afghan, bibs, burb cloths, booties, and socks.
On one of the Yahoo Lists that I belong to, a poster talked about making the edges neater by slipping the beginning and end stitch of every other row. The washcloth to the left was my first try of doing that. I found that it made the edges much nicer. I also did it with the cloth on the right. From now on I am going to use the slip stitch method on all of my dishcloths and washcloths.
I scanned these cloths using my brand new printer that I had to purchase last week. I do like scanning the cloths much better than taking a picture with the camera. By using the scanner, I am coming up with the pictures much quicker and with less steps than with the camera. If I think of it, will do this also in the future.
Tomorrow I will start on a new KAL with one of the Yahoo Groups that I belong to. I am anxious to see what this new pattern will be.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

This was the KAL in the Monthly Dishcloth group. I was thinking several other objects before it was quite clear that the pattern was a rocking horse. This is another easy pattern to work on.
This is called Christmas Ornament. It turned out quite a bit larger than a normal dishcloth. It is more of a small towel to my thinking. The pattern is fairly easy to work up and I was able to get it done quickly.

December KALs and CAL

This pattern is called the Reverse Star. It was fairly easy to do after I figured out the pattern. It is a smaller dishcloth than what I normally do, but that is quite all right.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I have been asked on several occasions what Yahoo groups I belong to. One that is most asked about is the Monthly Dishcloth group. Here is a link to that group.

I have enjoyed being a member of the group.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I hope the color in this dishcloth shows up better than the last one. This is my latest KAL from a dishcloth group on Yahoo. The KALs are a mystery until the dishcloth is usually 3/4 of the way done. I thought with the bobbles, it was probably holly leaves and berries. But it turned out to be a poinsetta. This is good for the season. Poinsettas are a symbol of Christmas. I have not done the bobbles before, so it was a new stitch for me. I enjoy learning how to do new stitches.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Here is the latest in dishcloths that I have knitted. This was done as a KAL on a Yahoo Group that I am a member of. It is a picture of a turkey. Which is appropriate for the month of November.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

For the knitted dishcloth, it is a pattern called Thanks. I hope you can see the pattern. It is the Horn of Plenty with the word Thanks above it. Even though I have worked several knitted dishcloths with patterns, some are fairly easy and some are hard. This I would classify as medium. It is getting easier to work the patterns as I go along.

I belong to a Yahoo group, NCB Dishcloth Mania. Each month we vote on a choice of four or five crochet and knitted patterns to do that month. We one of each craft. There are several that either can't knit or crochet, so they do what they can. This month for the crocheted dishcloths, we did a Diamond and a Pumpkin Pie dishcloths.
The dishcloth on the right is the Diamond pattern and the one on the left is the Pumpkin Pie. It was even easier to work on. Was able to get these done in just a couple of hours.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Update to my blog for today. Haven't wrote anything here the past couple of days. I just finished my latest Christmas project. This is an afghan that will be used as a gift. Won't say who, as that person may check out my blog and see what they are getting. This is called a Stained Glass Afghan. The pattern calls for different colors of yarn. So I looked in my stash and was able to pull enough yarn out to do the afghan. This pattern is in a book called Scrap Yarn Afghans, Book Two and was put out by Leisure Arts. It is done in strips, then the strips are put together. It is a fairly easy pattern to work with. This makes the second in this pattern that I have done.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I decided that it was time to do a blog. This way I can let family members know what I am upto most of the time. I was needing a place to publish our travels when we travel. Have family members who love reading my travelogues. We travel as much as possible. Which is means, traveling to see family and friends.
I also do crocheting, knitting, needlepoint, embroidery, plastic canvas, etc; all needlecrafts to keep my sanity. Started way back in the early 70's as a way to keep busy at night while watching television for company, as my husband at that time worked the swing shift. Then used my crafts as a way of having nice things for family and friends. So now I do admit to having an yarn addiction. A nice kind of addiction. I still do quite a bit of crocheting and knitting. In fact, I have one room in my house that holds all the yarn that I have stashed.
I live in southeast Idaho with my husband, Marshall, and our two bosses (dogs), George and Angel. We have lived here for just over 4 years now. Husband retired in 2002, we sold our house in California and moved here to Idaho. I was born 35 miles east of here and my father's family is from southeast Idaho and northern Utah. My mother's family lives in the same area also. So we are living right in the middle of my family. Husband's family is in California and Texas.
Between the two of us, we have three children. My son lives in Oklahoma with his wife. He is a deputy sheriff. She works for an oil field equipment company. Marshall's children are in Washington and Arizona. Marshall has 4 granddaughters and one great grandson due anyday now. I am still waiting for grandchildren from my son. Most of our traveling is going to see the children (they are adults now) and grandchildren. Marshall's son is a partner with his brother in law in a pool cleaning/repairing company. His daughter is a stay at home mother.
As time goes on, I will definitely add more to this blog.