Monday, May 10, 2010

Late last year, I noticed that on the driver side seat in our motorhome, there was a wore out spot that could only get larger. Well, on our recent trip to Texas, the hole definitely got worse. We had talked about finding a set of seat covers in a truck stop, but never got around to it. So while we were in Texas, I decided to make a set of seat covers. First off, I decided on what color I wanted. Didn't want to use regular yarn, due to static electricity, so decided to use cotton yarn. More durable and easier to throw in the washer when needed. Well, I looked in Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Walmart. could not find the color on cones that I wanted. As I had no idea how much yarn to start with, did not want to buy the small balls of yarn. And figured that it would take quite a few of those balls to use for two seat covers. So at the Walmart in Kansas, changed the color I really wanted. This color that I chose will go all right with the color, it is just a light color and may need to be washed often. But my plan was for the covers to be turn inside out when needed, or around. The back becoming the front when needed.
Had no pattern, just basically took measurements and started crocheting. I fitted the covers to the seats. I finally finished the last cover a couple of nights ago. They fit really good on the seats. Husband likes them also. A big plus, as he does have to sit on them. I do believe that they will work out just fine and last quite some time.

A recent visitor to our home was our friend, Jane. As a hostess gift, she gave me a new knit/crochet book. It was how to get started on knitting/crocheting with wire and beads. The patterns are necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I found the easiest pattern to practice with. Don't know if the wire I used was the right size or the beads that I also had leftover from previous craft projects. This was my first time crocheting with wire. It is an experience. I have done necklaces in the past with beads and thread. Remember those '70's crocheted necklaces every one had??? Spent the large part of the time threading the beads on the wire. Once I got into the swing of things, it went fairly fast. In fact, I crocheted these three strands in a couple of hours. And that counted putting the beads on the wire. I am gonna get some more wire and beads to do more of these simple necklaces. Found a pair of earrings to do also. It was fun to do these strands.