Friday, January 09, 2009

I am getting caught up with things. I finally was able to take a picture of the gifts that my DIL in Oklahoma made for me. The black tote bag is the one that she monogramed. Isn't it neat. The little blue bag, she did one afternoon while we were sitting around the house. It is for my Jeep. I love both of them. The black tote has braces in the sides to hold it up. Take the braces out and it collapses and folds up for easy storage.

After spending the night at Roswell, New Mexico, it was back on the road towards Gilbert, Arizona. No, didn't see any UFO's while in Roswell. We made pretty good time, as there was no bad weather to contend with. Our route took us to Ruidoso, New Mexico and then down to Alamogordo. The route then took us through White Sands and up over the mountains to Las Cruces. Here we got onto I10 and headed into Arizona. As we didn't expect to make it to Gilbert that day, we found a park in Willcox, Arizona, home of Rex Allen. I do need to sit down and write up some reviews for a website that features reviews of different rv parks. Next project.

Upon arrival in Gilbert, we went straight to husband's son's driveway. Our plan was to park in their driveway for a few days. The driveway is long enough and we can hook upto water and electricity. It was so nice to be someplace that was nice and warm. Was able to wear either a sweatshirt or tee shirt during the day. Did have to use the heater at night though. This DIL also knows what to get me for Christmas. A gift card to Joann's. I love shopping there. And they have one pretty close. So we made a visit there for yarn. Yes, I picked up more yarn for a sweater for me and sock yarns. I have been wanting to knit socks. I found a pattern on the internet that is for two needles and no double pointed needles. I just can't manage knitting with more than two needles. I have been working on the sweater. Found a nice pattern that I like. After the sweater is done, then it is to socks for me.

After spending four days in the warmth, it was back on the road to the north country. As weather reports were predicting snow for Flagstaff, we decided our best route would be up through Las Vegas. Don't like going through there, but had to due to snow. There was construction on the freeway in Las Vegas and we ended up on a detour through one of the bad sections of Las Vegas. I was not a happy camper until we got away from that area. Back on the freeway, we made some good time. Marshal was wanting to make it at least to Utah before we stopped for the night, but didn't happen. It was dark by the time we arrived in Mesquite, Nevada. Found an rv park at one of the casinos for a cheap price. So parked there for the night. Mainly a asphalt parking lot with hook ups. No wi-fi in the park either.

Our thinking was to get up early enough to make some serious mileage that last day on the road. And we had good weather until we got close to Salt Lake City. About 75 miles south of the city, the snow was coming down. The road was wet, so we were okay. Our thinking was to get home around the middle of the afternoon. Well, the first wreck was south of Salt Lake and that held us up some and put us in the start of the afternoon commute. The next wreck was at Layton, between Salt Lake and Ogden. The back up was like 11 miles long. By this time, the weather had really gotten bad. The roads were slushed covered and slick. And traffic was bad. Took us about 2 to 2 1/2 hours to do like 40 miles!!! We finally got home about 8 pm that night. Both of us were pretty tired. Unloaded what we needed and that was it.

Next morning, we went to the main chore of moving snow. There was about 18 - 20 inches in the yard and about 4 inches on the sidewalks and driveway. A friend moved quite a bit, but we still had some to move. Once the snow job was done, Marshal put the motorhome in the garage and we finished unloading.

Unless we have to make an emergency trip, that motorhome is not moving out of the garage for the rest of the winter.