Monday, September 28, 2009

On Saturday, September 26th, we headed out again with the gang from the Senior Center for another ride. Turned out to be the perfect day for a ride. Not too hot and not too cold. The weather was perfect and autumn like. Well, it is autumn as you can tell by the above picture. The leaves are really beautiful. The reds and oranges were so bright and pretty. In some places the aspens were just changing, or in other places completely changed and falling, or not even changing in some spots. The trail we took were good in most places. One side trail that I took, I should have gone up instead of down. It was hairy about halfway down. Then another spot, going down hill, the whole bunch of us had trouble. That spot, I did the downhill for about 50 feet or so sideways. Was glad that it wasn't longer than what it was. We had a crew of about 10 ATVs and 12 people. One couple had never gone off road before and they really enjoyed the ride. All the trails we took we could go back in the Jeep or pickup and have just as much fun.

As you notice in one or two pictures, Angel was having fun with the ride. She does like her rides. I did take a lot of pictures and it was hard to pick just one to start this off with. Click on My Pictures to the right to see more.

We aren't gonna have good weather much longer for the rides, so have to put the ATVs up for the winter. Hate that. Well, Marshal's won't be put up, the plow will go on it and we will use it to plow the driveway as needed.

I have finally completed the latest Christmas gifts. I found a free pattern for a crocheted back pack. I fell in love with the pattern. So decided that since I really haven't come up with something for two granddaughters, that this would be perfect. I made one in different shades of green also. I do love the pink one though.