Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I guess I am a glutton to punishment!!!! I really hate to sew squares together, but decided that youngest granddaughter needed an afghan for her 5th birthday coming up in August. This is a merry go round with two horses. I am sure that she will love it.

Yes, for those that can find them, there is a couple of mistakes, but at this point in time I am not going back in and fix them. I had to take most of it apart to fix quite a few mistakes. I am going to put a backing on it, due to having lots of small, short ends to deal with and cannot thread them in.

No more of this type of afghan until the grandson turns 5. Which will be next year. Then no more of them!!!!!!!!!

I have heard about yarn winders for years. At first, thought well, I really don't need one. And as most of the skeins I purchase, I can pull out a strand from the middle of the skein. Back years ago, a skein had to be wound into a ball, as it could get easily tangled from the way yarn companies packaged the yard.
The more I thought about it and got to checking, a yarn winder would make perfect sense for that yarn that I did not use on a project and I put into my stash. So I checked to see what kind of winder would be the best. Found that one with metal gears would be best. I then went to Amazon.com. My favorite website and I have some credit there. Was able to find a yarn winder at a good price, so ordered it. I have had it about a month now and love it. The first couple of days I had it, I rewind every ball of yarn I had in my stash. Makes nice balls of yarn and they are easy to stack in a plastic storage crate. I wonder what I did before I had one!!!!

For some reason I purchase some foam door hangers. Guess they were on sale or something. But was thinking for a gift or little something for one of the grandkids in the future. Well, I was sitting here and it hit me. Why don't I fix up the door hangers for Sydney, Peyton and Mason. A little extra something for them. So I found some foam letters and decorations I had in my storage room and made up the hangers for them. I did both sides, that way they can change when they feel like it.