Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As ya can see, this is a small bag. I whipped it out in like an hour or so last night. It fits a need that a friend, Bev and I have. We went out for the day yesterday and had a girl's day out. Did some shopping without our husbands. Who think that since they are retired now, that they should accompany us everywhere!!!! We found a sale at Shopko for MP3 players. And since it was a good price, we each got one. I will use mine for audio books and music. And then listen to it while traveling.

I got to thinking that in the past I have seen people walking, running, etc around holding their MP3's and Ipods in their hands and what would be good for me to hang onto my MP3 player while walking. So I whipped out some yarn, a crochet hook and went to work making the holders. One for me and one for my friend. With the handle, a person can hold onto the bag like that, or loop it on a belt loop. I have a similar bag for my cell phone that I hang from a belt loop. Yes, I know that I can buy the holders at any store that sells such things, but this helps me use up some of my yarn. And by making it, makes it personal. Next project is a small bag for my friend's cell phone.

Monday, June 01, 2009

On May 30th weekend, there was the Port-Neuf Mountain Man Rendezvous set up north of us in the middle of a field. For years I have been reading books about mountain men and the rendezvous' that they held back in when the beaver trade was big in this country. Mountain men basically explored most of the Rocky Mountain area and named quite a few places, rivers, creeks, mountains, etc. They opened up the West basically. When I first heard about the present day Rendezvous', I wanted to check one out, but had not had the chance. Well, this time, I decided that I was going. So talked to Marshal about it, he also has been reading the same books as I. We asked a couple of friends if they would like to also go, as they are interested in the same things as we. So loaded up Saturday morning and off we go. We wanted to do it in the morning, as the heat was expected for the afternoon. There weren't that many people around the trader tents, so we were able to enjoy looking at what people had for sale. Mostly things that dealt with that era of our history. Found lots of things that I would have loved to purchase, but held myself back. Did see a buffalo pelt I would love to have. Also a cannon. But Marshal just walked away!!!

The picture is of one of the visitors at the rendezvous. The guys fell in love with her.

I highly recommend that if there is a rendezvous close by, to check them out. Most of the participants dress in 1840's dress, have black powder rifles and pistols. It is interesting to see what all they have and do.

We finally got to take a trail ride with the ATVs here a week ago. It was Memorial Day weekend.The weather was really nice, not too hot, not too cold, just right. This ride there was 6 of us with ATVs. The above picture shows Marshal and friend George coming through a mud hole. One that I had gone through first and had a ball going through it. Not real greasy, but enough that I did have mud flying.

We left the house about 10am in the morning. First road we took was Old Canyon on the west side of the freeway and up the mountain towards Malad Summit. Expecting to not really see anyone, we ran into quite a few on this first trail. Almost like traffic on the freeway!!! We found a very nice spot to have lunch and then we hit the trail towards Devil Creek Reservoir. There were quite a few fishing and camping around the reservoir. It was decided that we would head up New Canyon Road towards the Oxford mountains and head on down to Highway 38 west. No one had been on that trail, so it was a first for all of us. Once we got off the main road, it was a trail. We went up and down, across creeks and more up and down. There was a couple of spots that require our full attention and going very slow. For most of the trail, it was slow going. Finally came out where we could hit the Third Creek trail and head towards the highway. Saw some real pretty country. Most of the riding was on the flank of Oxford peak.

After hitting the highway, we headed towards where Two Mile Canyon road intersects and headed over the mountain towards home. As we came out of the canyon, the storm that was moving into the area was getting closer and we were wondering if we would make it home before it started to rain. Well, we got the wind, but no rain until after we had been home for about 30 minutes.

We got home about 530pm. So we spent the whole day on the mountain and had a ball. Saw some new territory and want to go back and look at it closer.