Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As ya can see, this is a small bag. I whipped it out in like an hour or so last night. It fits a need that a friend, Bev and I have. We went out for the day yesterday and had a girl's day out. Did some shopping without our husbands. Who think that since they are retired now, that they should accompany us everywhere!!!! We found a sale at Shopko for MP3 players. And since it was a good price, we each got one. I will use mine for audio books and music. And then listen to it while traveling.

I got to thinking that in the past I have seen people walking, running, etc around holding their MP3's and Ipods in their hands and what would be good for me to hang onto my MP3 player while walking. So I whipped out some yarn, a crochet hook and went to work making the holders. One for me and one for my friend. With the handle, a person can hold onto the bag like that, or loop it on a belt loop. I have a similar bag for my cell phone that I hang from a belt loop. Yes, I know that I can buy the holders at any store that sells such things, but this helps me use up some of my yarn. And by making it, makes it personal. Next project is a small bag for my friend's cell phone.

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