Saturday, July 04, 2009

Today across our great country, we celebrate the 4th of July. A wonderful celebration for all of those that enjoy it. And this is Angel and I at the wheel of our truck fixing to get into the parade held here in Malad. On Friday afternoon, the Board of Directors came to my garage to decorate the trailer belonging to a couple of the directors. We spent 2 hours decorating. Well, really we spent about an hour actual work and another hour goofing off. But if paid off for us. We had 7 volunteers from the center wanting to ride the float. And they truly enjoyed the ride. The weather today was not perfect, but close to it. The whole hour we were in the parade, there was a breeze to keep our volunteers cool, but not cold. The morning was mostly cloudy, so they weren't in the sun too much. This is the first year that our center had a float in the parade. The main idea was just to get some of the seniors out and about. And to let others know that there was a senior center in town. Our director, her husband and a couple more members of the board rode their ATV's behind us with signs advertising some of our activities.

We did not expect any awards, just wanted to get out in front of the public. Well, we were awarded 2nd place in the non commercial catagory. Needless to say, we floated through the parade. Thrilled all of us so darn much, we may come down some day!!!!

I will make a recommendation at our next board meeting that this be a yearly thing for the center.

Click on the link to the right, My Pictures to see more pictures of our float.

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