Thursday, October 26, 2006

I decided that it was time to do a blog. This way I can let family members know what I am upto most of the time. I was needing a place to publish our travels when we travel. Have family members who love reading my travelogues. We travel as much as possible. Which is means, traveling to see family and friends.
I also do crocheting, knitting, needlepoint, embroidery, plastic canvas, etc; all needlecrafts to keep my sanity. Started way back in the early 70's as a way to keep busy at night while watching television for company, as my husband at that time worked the swing shift. Then used my crafts as a way of having nice things for family and friends. So now I do admit to having an yarn addiction. A nice kind of addiction. I still do quite a bit of crocheting and knitting. In fact, I have one room in my house that holds all the yarn that I have stashed.
I live in southeast Idaho with my husband, Marshall, and our two bosses (dogs), George and Angel. We have lived here for just over 4 years now. Husband retired in 2002, we sold our house in California and moved here to Idaho. I was born 35 miles east of here and my father's family is from southeast Idaho and northern Utah. My mother's family lives in the same area also. So we are living right in the middle of my family. Husband's family is in California and Texas.
Between the two of us, we have three children. My son lives in Oklahoma with his wife. He is a deputy sheriff. She works for an oil field equipment company. Marshall's children are in Washington and Arizona. Marshall has 4 granddaughters and one great grandson due anyday now. I am still waiting for grandchildren from my son. Most of our traveling is going to see the children (they are adults now) and grandchildren. Marshall's son is a partner with his brother in law in a pool cleaning/repairing company. His daughter is a stay at home mother.
As time goes on, I will definitely add more to this blog.