Thursday, January 21, 2010

Marshal's son talked Marshal into making a trip to visit and get into some warm weather. So we took off last week to spend a week in the Phoenix area. And get warmed up. Going down, the roads, weather and everything was just fine. Cold, but traveling was okay. We stopped the night at Page, Arizona, where it was much warmer than at home. Seemed like the further south we went, the warmer it got. We arrive at the son's middle of the afternoon. Sure was nice to finally get warm. Didn't do much while there, other than spoil granddaughters. The son did purchase a new smoker, so Marshal and son were smoking a turkey and trout. Mainly they would get them started and I was left to watch so the meat did not burn or get over smoked!!!!!!!

Whenever I went any place in the house, I was followed by my boss, Angel and the kids protector Lola. Didn't make any difference where I went, both would follow. The dogs got along just fine. As long as Lola left Angel alone, they were fine. Lola just wanted to play with Angel and Angel doesn't know how to play. Angel did get close to the swimming pool one afternoon and Lola let her know that she should stay away from there.

The last day we were there, the temps fell down into the 50's and they were all cold, looking for coats to wear. Marshal and I were walking around in short sleeve shirts. We thought it was a heat wave.

We left the area after visiting with friends in El Mirage. Headed home with the weatherman saying that storms were headed in. After spending the night at Richfield, Utah, we managed to arrive home in a timely fashion.

I did take quite a few pictures of the kids and the snow. Click on the link, My Pictures to the right to see.