Monday, March 30, 2009

Recently I received this picture in a forward from a friend/family. Can't remember exactly where. Well, a friend dared me to put this picture on my blog. And for me to say that I could offer to make one for someone if they had enough money for me to do the work. And it is gonna take quite a bit of money for me to do this job. And for me to put in very small print, say that I didn't do it. Well, can't change the size of the font.

I have just finished my latest project. Another pair of socks. I have fallen in love doing socks. These are two needle tube socks. I have problems using double pointed needles, so I took a pattern and adjusted it to using two needles. Other than having to sew a seam almost flat, they were fairly easy to do. I now have four pair of these socks and want more. But while sitting here working on this last pair, I thought, why not do some in crochet. So I will look for a pattern on the internet for crocheted tube socks. If I can't find one, will make one up. But before I do, I am gonna do some serious working on the teaching books that I am doing for grandchildren and have a birthday gift to do up for a birthday coming up.