Monday, October 31, 2011

Yes, it has been quite a while since I posted anything here. Life has gotten in the way of things I do.

The trip we were on the first of July ended when we came home. Marshal wanted to see a brother of his that lives in Helena, Montana, so we came home that way. The drive from Grangeville, through the Selway Wilderness to Lolo Summit and into Montana was a fantastic drive. We took two days getting home.

Once we got home, Marshal started talking about getting a puppy again. I have been putting it off, as I know what we are faced with having a puppy around here. But I finally broke down and found a puppy Shih Tzu on KSL classified locally. So we took a look at two puppies and this is the one we came home with. Marshal is so original in his thinking, he named the pup George. And the picture is of George. Yes, he is cute. But he is all pup. He hasn't met a rug in the house that doesn't like him. I will be replacing all the throw rugs in a couple of months. He also loves shoes and boots. No matter how big those boots are, if he can drag one, he will. There is nothing down close to the floor. He likes to rearrange things. In the past couple of months, he has really grown and gotten his first hair cut.

More about George later.