Monday, February 25, 2008

My latest project was a football dishcloth. The pattern worked up fairly easy and I was able to do it like in one night. I decided that since it was just one picture, I would scan the dishcloth, instead of using the camera. The picture is dark, but the pattern does show up nicely.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I have built up quite a nice stash of different yarns over the years. Plus several years ago, a cousin gave me her stash, as she really can't crochet anymore due to a health issue. I have been working on 3 state squares afghans here and have quite a few smaller balls of different colors to use up. I got thinking that a log cabin quilt afghan pattern would be good for using up some of these small balls. This is the completed afghan. As to what I am gonna do with it. Don't know for sure yet. But it is nice to have it around handy just in case for a gift.

Yes, another dishcloth. I am building up my stash of dishcloths for gift giving, or just for my own kitchen. This I knitted along with a group on Yahoo that I belong to. This is called Heart and Bow. It was a fairly easy pattern to work up. Helps keep my knitting skills stay active.
I have several sites that I check daily for free patterns. Let me tell ya, the internet sure is nice for free patterns. I get an idea of what I want to do and then search for a pattern to fit. I haven't bought any patterns for several years now. Saves money, I think. I use the extra money for buying yarn and thread.

This pattern is from the JPF Crochet site. Julie Bolduc posts free daily crochet patterns and this is her pattern.

I happen to have quite a few pony beads floating around for using when making scrunchies. Thought that this would make a nice bag. And it does using a varigated cotton yarn and the multi- colored beads. I am thinking that a solid color yarn with beads to match would really be nice. Have to put that project in the list to make in the future.

The pattern worked up quite fast, even though I was working with the beads. It is a fairly easy pattern to work with.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Crocheted Socks

I was sitting here the other night with freezing feet. I was wearing my everyday thin cotton socks with my knock off Crocs. Wanted something to keep my feet warm. Now for a few years been fooling around with the idea of making me some socks. I do happen to have several pattern books for crochet socks. So decided to make a pair. Went to the pattern books, found a basic pattern to work on. Also, another requirement was yarn to come out of my stash. And it all came together. I now have this pair of socks to wear. But I haven't stopped there. I am now working on a pair of knitted socks. These are worked on two needles, not the double pointed needles. What I am doing, found a pattern on the internet, found a pair of size 2 needles, and some baby yarn. I work on them for about 10 minutes, then have to rest my right hand. The pattern I am using calls for 4 ply sock yarn, which is very thin and size 2.75mm needles. There is no gauge, so have no idea if I am close to what the pattern is. But, oh well, when I get done, if the sock is the wrong size, I can always pull it out.
I do have a pattern to make tube socks using double pointed needles. But I am gonna modify it some and use two needles. Have done that before with something else and it came out just fine. Other than I did have to seam the item. Will see how it turns out.

More pictures out front. My wind mill is not covered due to the wind blowing, but you can see how the snow if drifting. The other is looking to the house across the street.

It is now middle of the afternoon, and it looks like the snow is slowing down. May have to go out and move some snow. Been watching the kid that lives catty corner from us moving some snow out of his grandmother's drive. This snow is heavy and wet. He is having trouble moving it with an ATV.

These pictures show our front porch before it was cleaned off. Those bushes are my rose bushes and they are covered up by several feet of snow.

More pictures of the snow. The left one shows our deck and I did open the door, but could not open the screen door to get closer to the snow. The railing around our deck is like 4 feet high. The other picture shows our front walk. If you look close, you can see the path that husband shoveled earlier this morning. Still no end in sight.

February 3 Winter Storm

Well, this morning we woke up to about 8 inches of snow on the ground and the wind blowing. It was definitely drifting the snow also. I took some pictures to show everyone what is going on here in southeast Idaho. We already had about 18 inches of snow on the ground from previous storms. Since it has been so cold also, very little snow has melted since December. These two pictures are taken out the back upstairs bedroom window. Tried to stay inside to take pictures. That black thing behind the grainary is a two wheel trailer that is almost buried. Next to it, if you can see them are two peach trees, that are about 2 feet high. They are just barely out of the snow. The other is the fence out along the side of our property. It is like 5 feet high. Give ya some idea how deep the snow is getting.
Have no idea how long it had been snowing when we got up, but there was about 8- 10 inches on the ground. Husband had put one of the pups outside around 1am and he said it wasn't snowing then. When husband went out for the paper, he did shovel a path up the front walk. When I got up about an hour later, that walk had about 2 inches on it. And it has been snowing all day long. According to the weather alert on my computer, it is cloudy. So have no idea what that white stuff is coming out of the sky.