Sunday, February 03, 2008

February 3 Winter Storm

Well, this morning we woke up to about 8 inches of snow on the ground and the wind blowing. It was definitely drifting the snow also. I took some pictures to show everyone what is going on here in southeast Idaho. We already had about 18 inches of snow on the ground from previous storms. Since it has been so cold also, very little snow has melted since December. These two pictures are taken out the back upstairs bedroom window. Tried to stay inside to take pictures. That black thing behind the grainary is a two wheel trailer that is almost buried. Next to it, if you can see them are two peach trees, that are about 2 feet high. They are just barely out of the snow. The other is the fence out along the side of our property. It is like 5 feet high. Give ya some idea how deep the snow is getting.
Have no idea how long it had been snowing when we got up, but there was about 8- 10 inches on the ground. Husband had put one of the pups outside around 1am and he said it wasn't snowing then. When husband went out for the paper, he did shovel a path up the front walk. When I got up about an hour later, that walk had about 2 inches on it. And it has been snowing all day long. According to the weather alert on my computer, it is cloudy. So have no idea what that white stuff is coming out of the sky.

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