Sunday, February 03, 2008

Crocheted Socks

I was sitting here the other night with freezing feet. I was wearing my everyday thin cotton socks with my knock off Crocs. Wanted something to keep my feet warm. Now for a few years been fooling around with the idea of making me some socks. I do happen to have several pattern books for crochet socks. So decided to make a pair. Went to the pattern books, found a basic pattern to work on. Also, another requirement was yarn to come out of my stash. And it all came together. I now have this pair of socks to wear. But I haven't stopped there. I am now working on a pair of knitted socks. These are worked on two needles, not the double pointed needles. What I am doing, found a pattern on the internet, found a pair of size 2 needles, and some baby yarn. I work on them for about 10 minutes, then have to rest my right hand. The pattern I am using calls for 4 ply sock yarn, which is very thin and size 2.75mm needles. There is no gauge, so have no idea if I am close to what the pattern is. But, oh well, when I get done, if the sock is the wrong size, I can always pull it out.
I do have a pattern to make tube socks using double pointed needles. But I am gonna modify it some and use two needles. Have done that before with something else and it came out just fine. Other than I did have to seam the item. Will see how it turns out.

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