Monday, November 01, 2010

One thing that I have have doing lately is working on some hanging towels for gifts. Seems like everyone likes having them. Been using up my stash of yarn to make the tops and hangers. All the patterns I have called for cutting the towels in half. To me, that is a small towel, so I left them the normal size. Makes for a larger towel and more towel to work with.

For those that were wondering. Now you know. Yes, I am a crazed baby killer!!!!!!!!! LOL
Our local Senior Center had a Spook Alley for the Halloween weekend. I picked being a crazed baby killer as my part. As ya'll can see, I can get into the act quite well.
The thing though was, there is some kind of crud going around and I have had it. Has not been fun at all. I was able to be at the alley for the first night, but that was it. I was sick the rest of the weekend. But I did the part long enough to get a couple of pictures.
If you want to see the pictures from the Spook Alley, click on the link to the right for My Photos and check out Halloween 2010 photos.