Friday, March 26, 2010

The latest addition to the family. This is Alice. She is a rescue pup. They said that she is 1 1/2 year old. And maybe that!!! She is all pup. We went and picked her up on Monday, the 22nd. She has been adjusting to living here and I think she has decided that this is her domain. Angel has been good about accepting her, only have problems when I am holding Angel and Alice wants to be held. And being a pup, she is curious as all get out. I have no need for a kitten, she does just fine unraveling a ball of yarn with no help. The latest project I am working on, she has managed to get out of the basket and taken it all over. Good thing that it is Swifter covers, so she can't hurt them. Marshal fixed the gates and holes in the fence to keep her in the yard. Good thing. She is always going to the gates and looking for a way to get out. She is completely house broken, so far, no accidents in the house. We are now having a discussion into her barking habits. She feels that she should bark at every little noise and more. She does know what NO means. But she is pushing the envelope. Will take time, but she will be completely at home, well, she is completely at home now!!!!!!!!!!!
How can anyone not love this face???????? LOL

I fell in love with him all over again. He is such a sweet, lovable child. But then he is 2 1/2 years old and is full of it. He is into everything. Yes, even though I am his grandma, he is a very smart child. Took him all of 5 seconds to learn how to turn on grandma's camera and wanted pictures taken of him. Three days was just too short of time to spend with him. We got acquainted in seconds, and had fun over the next three days. We wrestled, boys like that, we blew five million bubbles and just general had a ball. Hated to leave, but hoping for a return visit soon with Mason. Oh, yes, and his parents.

Got look real close for some white spots and you will see antelope. If you click on the picture, a larger view will come up and you can definitely see antelope. Couldn't get any closer than this to them and the telephoto lens on my camera isn't all that good. But I tried. Took this picture outside of Laramie to the west on our way home. This was the second day on the trip home from Hooker. After staying 4 nights at Hooker and spoiling grandson, we went over to Boise City to spend a few days there to visit with friends. And to see what the weather would be like on the trip home. When we left Boise City, a storm was moving in, so we traveled on the leading edge of that storm, slipped in between that one and one that was leaving the eastern plains of Colorado. By the time we got to Cheyenne, the storms had passed us by. But west of Cheyenne, the roads turned to solid ice in most spots with some snow on top of them. I drove very slowly on those roads. About 5 miles outside of Laramie, the roads cleared up completely. We spent the night in Laramie. The temperature got down to -6, is that is 6 below. The water in the motorhome froze up real good, so we had no water. There was some water jugs in the Jeep that had water in them, so thawed them out to use. And ate breakfast at the truckstop. By late morning the water lines had thawed out, so that we had water. This was on Saturday and that afternoon, we pulled into home. Unloaded most everything out of the motorhome and did some resting for the rest of the day and Sunday. I am now back in the swing of things.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here is the results of our second night on the road. Marshal pulled into friend's yard right into a mud hole. I was able to get the motorhome out of the mud hole. After spending the night, we hit the road. Down through Texas we went and spent our 3rd night at Albany, Tx. We arrived in Temple, Tx in the early afternoon. That was on Friday. Marshal's sister passed away early Monday morning. We then stayed around until the following Friday. So we stayed there for 8 days.

While there, received a phone call from the foster family that was attempting to adopt out a small poodle for the Bannock Humane Society. We were on the list, but was third on that list. So we expected not to be chosen for this adoption. I explained how we were in Texas due to a family emergency, but the foster family agreed to keep Alice until we could get home.

From Temple, Texas, we headed to Comanche, Ok for Marshal to visit with an aunt and cousin. He had not seen them for more than 50 years or so.

Then it was towards Hooker, Oklahoma to spend time with grandson, DIL and son. Grandson is a joy to be around. He is 2 1/2 and so darn smart. Took him like 5 seconds to figure out how to turn on my camera so that he could see his picture. Then I had to take several pictures of him. And we had some wrestling matches over the day. No one won, but we had a good time. I am gonna spend most of the time with grandson.

We will head towards Boise City on Wednesday morning. Spend a couple of days there before we head on home.

If ya want to see more pictures, just click on the link to the right My Photos.

We received bad news several weeks ago. Marshal's sister just older than he was dying of cancer. We knew that she had it, but did not know how bad she really was. So we talked and decided to make the trip to Temple, Texas to see her one last time. We left home on March 1st headed southeast. Weather was good, mostly sunny, but still some cold temps. No storms at all, which was good. Knowing that we were making a long trip in a short time, we hit the road early in the morning. And ya'll know me and mornings, but I was able to get up and get ready. Our plan was to make at least 500 miles a day. Total mileage was around 1500 to Temple, Tx. First night was spent at Laramie, Wy. Not quite 500 miles, but pretty darn close. The weather was still holding out, which was fine with us. Took some pictures of the snow across Wyoming. Not as much as there could possible, but enough on the higher elevations. As we traveled across Wyoming, realized that we could be in Boise City, Ok for the second night. Having friends there, know that we could find a place to park for the night.