Friday, March 26, 2010

The latest addition to the family. This is Alice. She is a rescue pup. They said that she is 1 1/2 year old. And maybe that!!! She is all pup. We went and picked her up on Monday, the 22nd. She has been adjusting to living here and I think she has decided that this is her domain. Angel has been good about accepting her, only have problems when I am holding Angel and Alice wants to be held. And being a pup, she is curious as all get out. I have no need for a kitten, she does just fine unraveling a ball of yarn with no help. The latest project I am working on, she has managed to get out of the basket and taken it all over. Good thing that it is Swifter covers, so she can't hurt them. Marshal fixed the gates and holes in the fence to keep her in the yard. Good thing. She is always going to the gates and looking for a way to get out. She is completely house broken, so far, no accidents in the house. We are now having a discussion into her barking habits. She feels that she should bark at every little noise and more. She does know what NO means. But she is pushing the envelope. Will take time, but she will be completely at home, well, she is completely at home now!!!!!!!!!!!

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Melanie said...

when you figure out how to solve the barkin issue, let me know!!!