Saturday, December 16, 2006

These are my latest washcloths. I did these in Bernat Baby Tots. I wanted the softer yarn as they are for a baby that is expected in June. Will be my first grandbaby, so only the best for him/her. I have added these to the rest of the layette I have done so far, which include an afghan, bibs, burb cloths, booties, and socks.
On one of the Yahoo Lists that I belong to, a poster talked about making the edges neater by slipping the beginning and end stitch of every other row. The washcloth to the left was my first try of doing that. I found that it made the edges much nicer. I also did it with the cloth on the right. From now on I am going to use the slip stitch method on all of my dishcloths and washcloths.
I scanned these cloths using my brand new printer that I had to purchase last week. I do like scanning the cloths much better than taking a picture with the camera. By using the scanner, I am coming up with the pictures much quicker and with less steps than with the camera. If I think of it, will do this also in the future.
Tomorrow I will start on a new KAL with one of the Yahoo Groups that I belong to. I am anxious to see what this new pattern will be.

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Anonymous said...

What a cool idea to use the dishclothes instead of baby wash clothes. hmmmm I have some young grand children too :).