Thursday, September 18, 2008

One of my ongoing projects is making a set of books with the alphabet, numbers, colors, and a busy book for the two youngest grandchildren and one of the great grandsons. So far I have finished up with the alphabet books and now am working on the number books. I am doing the books with plastic canvas and yarn. They are pretty durable books. Each page is pretty simple and can take some time in stitching, but they can work up quickly if I don't have to put them down. And on our recent trip, I took this particular book with me to work on. I had completed all the pages and was working on the bag that holds the book.
What I will do is give two books to the first granddaughter that turns 3 next August and the great grandson will turn 3 in November. They will then receive the last two books in the set at Christmas time. So this takes care of their birthdays and Christmas for next year.

I made a set of the books for one granddaughter several years ago for her 3rd birthday and the following Christmas or vice versa. She loved them.

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