Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is one of many pictures that I took from our recent trip. Click on and it will take you to my albums with Google. There you will find more pictures from this trip. Plus other trips and memories.

We have spent all summer home this year due to doctor appointments and gas prices. So we were finally able to get away for Marshal to do some fishing and me just to get away. We decided to go to Cub River south of Preston, Idaho for several days. There is a National Forest campground there and in previous years, some darn good fishing. Marshal decided on Saturday the 13th for us to hit the road on the 14th. So I had one day to get the stuff into the motorhome. I was pushed for time, but as we was not gonna be in a hurry the next day to hit the road, I was able to get what we needed loaded.

Was able to make the 52 mile trip just fine with no problems. Arriving on a Sunday, figured that most of the campground would be empty. And that is how we found the campground. Most everyone had already left, leaving very few still there. And most of them left after our arrival.

The weather was pretty good, even though it is autumn. The nights did get cold, but having enough bedding on the bed helped. Plus a good furnace in the motorhome. Days were really nice. Layering clothes was the best way to dress for the days.

The leaves on the oak trees were shades of reddish orange and a lot of them have changed. The aspen were just beginning to change to yellow. And very few aspen were even starting to change. But there still lots of colors. The willows along the river were just also starting to change to yellow. I am sure that the rest of the month will see more drastic changes.

On Monday, Marshal told me that I could take the ATV and go riding while either he was fishing or resting. So I opted to take it while he was resting and go for a ride. Also, Angel wanted to do some riding. We had seen a new trail the Forest Service had graded by the river and up over the mountain. So guess where I went??? Yuppers, away Angel and I went with the camera for pictures. The trail would have made a good Jeep trail if it had been wide enough. If I manage to go more than 5 miles an hour in spots, I was making good time. Most of the time it was much slower than that. And in several places, I had to go down to low gear and 4 wheel drive to get through the bad places. I was in seventh heaven to be able to do some 4 wheeling!!! We both had a good time doing it. After a couple of hours, I was just guessing the time, I figured that we better head back to the motorhome. We could have kept going on the trail, but decided that Marshal might be freaking out if we were gone too long. But I made the decision that when we go back to Cub River, we will do more exploring on those trails. Didn't see any wildlife, unless you count the cattle.

Marshal fished most of the time, but he only managed to catch 3 fish for two days. Always before, he would catch his limit for the day. There just wasn't any fish to catch. I think that it had been fished pretty hard that weekend and that most of the fish were gone.

We did some discussing on Monday night about staying longer. Decided that it really wasn't worth it as he wasn't catching fish. So decided to leave the next morning and go to Deep Creek reservoir close to home. After arriving at Deep Creek, really couldn't find a place that we could even get the motorhome close to level. So went onto Devil Creek. Found one site that could work, but since we were so close to home, just came home a day early.

At least we did get away for a couple of days. Can't wait until we get away again, even though it may be next spring.

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Patty said...

Sounds like a great trip. I can just imagine your fun on the 4-wheeler.
I had to think of what month it is when you mentioned the leaves changing.
we just got out of the hundred degree weather. September has flown by. Our fall starts later here I'm actually surprised that the leaves know when to change. That was amazing to me our first year that we lived in California.
Fall in the mountains is always breath taking.
I'm glad that you were able to get away.