Sunday, October 05, 2008

Well, it has been cooling off here in southeast Idaho. This is me, Angel and a friend George out on the side of one of our many mountains today. What happened. Well, the gang would go out 4 wheeling on their ATVs and I would be left behind, as I didn't have one. I do prefer my Jeep for serious 4 wheeling though. Finally told Marshal that he needed to buy me an ATV so I could join the rest. So Tuesday, we went shopping. Was able to bring the new playtoy home on Thursday. And today was the first day that we were able to get out and do some trail running. The weather has been wet since Friday night. Which is all right, we are really dry and have been experiencing a drought for several years. We did run into some mud holes, which I did hit at a fast rate of speed. But most of the road was either close to dry or mud. At several points, I did have mud balls flying in all directions.

I do have to get me some more equipment before our next trip out. Mainly a helmet, a bavaclava and some thermal underwear. Once we got off the mountain and into the wind, it turned colder. Angel just buried herself down in her blanket in the basket.

They put me in the lead and let me take them any place. And I know no place that I won't go, unless there is not a ATV trail. That way we can see more country.

Hopefully we will get out next Saturday, but it is deer season, so may not go out.

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