Thursday, October 16, 2008

Several days ago, a few people got together and decided to go for a ride on their ATVs. We were asked to go with and decided that we could. Off we went to the mountains west of our home after breakfast. The going was kind of chilly at first, but as the day went on, it did get warmer. The snow in the above picture is from last weekend when we got some snow here at home.

On this trail, we ran into this log across the trail. Did some serious looking at moving the log, and finally decided to go around. No problem for those of us that had four wheel drive, but one member of the group does not have four wheel drive, so he had to be winched up the little hill. Coming back, he was able to climb the hill just fine.

Some of the sights we saw were 4 deer on a hillside watching us. There were hunters out as it is deer season in this part of the country. If you go to the link on the right that says My Pictures, you can see more pictures of our day. Several pictures show a couple stacks of logs that a logging company has been logging on the mountain. When I first saw the stacks, I was thinking maybe small stacks, but when we got to them, they were like 15 feet high and a good 50 feet long. Lots of logs!!!!

After lunch, we took to the trail and ended up at a dead end, so had to turn around. Which is all right. We did see lots of trails we can do some other day.

Angel had a darn good time riding in her basket. She loves going for these rides.

It is a good possibility that this is the last ride for the season as winter is here. Although if the weather holds, we could go out again.

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