Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another day to fool around on. Well, I should have been doing some work around the house, but had a choice between spending the day at home working or a good part of the day on the ATV up in the hills tooling around. Guess what my choice was??????? LOL

This week we went into the foothills on the east side of town. Been up there before, so knew exactly where we were going. Took the director and our Senior Center and her husband with as she had never been there and his memories of the area are foggy. Mainly the alcoholic fog of teenage years!!!!!!!!!! Heard some good stories. We saw some real pretty country. Dry, but that is to be expected when we haven't had rain for some time. Saw quite a few hunters out looking for elk. Elk Cow season opened up today and goes to November 15th. We didn't see any. At first, it was kind of cold at times. Especially in the canyon where the sun had not made the trip yet. It did warm up later in the day, which was nice.

Only took a couple of pictures today. Bottom one is geese flying south for the winter. Was waiting on Marshal and could hear them for quite some time. It always amazes me how they know where to fly and when. Middle picture is Angel waiting to hit the road. She really loves to ride in her basket. She sits there and watches where we are going. Top picture is the ATVs and two of our riders. Front one in the orange sweatshirt is the director and the man behind her is our friend George. The other two were walking around a building where we stopped for a rest.

This may be the last ride of the season. Depends on the weather.

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