Saturday, August 23, 2008

Marshal came to me today and says, he and a friend are headed to the mountains on the ATVs. And was I staying at home???? He finally decided that maybe he better find out if I wanted to go with. Good thing!!! So we went after the friend, loaded up Angel in the basket and off we went. Marshal decided that he wanted to go to a small place south of us called Cherry Cheek. At one time there was a small community there, but as time has gone by, most residents have moved to town or some place else. There is an old cemetery still there and he wanted to visit the cemetery. We both like checking out the old tombstones. And I make sure that I have my camera with, so that if a name stands out, or a possible genealogical connection, I have the picture.

We wanted to go down the frontage road along side the freeway to Cherry Creek. Well, that didn't work out, as we found a very locked gate. So backtracked several miles to Two Mile Canyon road and headed back over the mountain. We have been on Two Mile Canyon several times in the past and it is a nice drive. From Two Mile Canyon, we took the Ridge Road to the turn off for Mud Springs, Cold Springs and Cherry Cheek. Having never been down that road, I went slow. Good thing. In several spots it was rough, even for the ATV. Finally after going back over the mountain, we arrived at the Cherry Creek cemetery. Saw some interesting tombstones that were quite old. One, not real sure on this one, but the man was buried with a wife on each side. Possible that he had both of those wives at the same time.

While at the cemetery, I took these pictures of Angel in the basket. The blanket is for padding and to help keep the wind out of her face, if she would use it for that. Plus we are able to put our water and the camera in there with her.

After being gone for several hours, we finally got back home. It was an enjoyable ride.

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Patty said...

What an adventure. It sounds like fun.