Monday, March 17, 2008

Here are my latest projects. These are several rugs that I knitted and crocheted. They are made out of cotton yarn. The blue shades and white are from a pattern from Aunt Lydia's free patterns. The pattern calls for two strands of Denim thread, but I used one strand of the cotton yarn. I have done this pattern before using the cotton yarn. Those two rugs we use in our MH bathroom for in front of the shower. And that is what gave me the idea for these two rugs. We will use them in the house, in front of the shower. There will be some shrinkage when they are washed, but not much. The knitted rug is just a pattern I found on the internet. I used a multi-colored yarn paired with ecru for the color. Have no idea what I will do with this rug. May give it away, or use it around the house.
Viewers will notice some blue toes. Mine. Got them when I was taking the pictures. Also you will notice a four legged boss checking out the rugs. My thinking, she was wondering if she would get them for her bed or would I let her stay with the blankets she already has in her bed.

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Joyce said...

Love all your projects, you have a lot of energy....Jodee, the girls and I went to Bisbee last weekend, love the place, cooler and pretty,,,got some fresh corn, jams, honey. There are some nice RV places by the El Pedro river, thought of you two. Joyce