Friday, December 26, 2008

Here several weeks ago, we decided that we could make a trip for this December. I wanted to spend Christmas with son, DIL, and grandson. Besides I haven't seen them for over a year. And the grandson has really grown. So we made plans to hit the road a few days before Christmas. Head to Oklahoma and spend a few days, then come home by way of Gilbert, Arizona. The closer it came to departure time, the more serious I got about watching the weather. Our plan was to travel between storms and sit out the storms. We did have a couple of days of good weather before we left and we should have left on those days, but alas, we didn't. The day we left, it was snowing, but figured the roads would be wet. Well, for the most point, they were wet with some packed snow. The freeway in Idaho wasn't all that bad, but we hit the Utah state line and the road was worst. The only places they were okay was at Brigham City and Ogden. Going through Weber Canyon, it could have been worst, but mostly with lots of slush. The closer to Evanston, Wyoming we got, the worst the roads got. Decided that we needed gas in Evanston, we left the freeway. We tend to fuel at Flying J's most of the time. Do get a penny a gallon for discount and usually they are easy in and out with the motorhome. But this one in Evanston, is a real pain for any vehicle that has some length to it. To fill up the Jeep, had to block part of the parking in front of the store. In trying to get through town, called the 511 road info number to see how the highways were ahead of us. Well, chain requirements were put into place for the stretch of road called the Three Sisters. This is three long hills east of Evanston. So we went looking for a place to park. Only one rv park that we could find, but it was closed for the season. Found the Walmart and joined the trucks parked there. It took us most of the day to make 150 miles.
Next day, we hit the road after I checked with the road info to make sure the roads were in good shape. Was making some good time, as the road was mainly clear. That is until we got to Green River, Wyoming. The highway sign was saying that the road was closed 66 miles ahead due to wind and snow. So we stopped at the KOA in Rock Springs, Wyoming. We did want to make at least Rawlins, but no way. We only traveled about 1 ½ hour that day. The wind was blowing all day long and it didn't warm up at all.
Third day of travel, wanted to really make some miles to help make up lost time due to the weather. Well, the roads were in good shape and away we went. To date, we had froze water, so were not able to take showers and wanted to find some place nice and warm. Spent the night in Greeley, Colorado with more cold weather.
Come Monday, was hoping for warmer temps, didn't find them. But found more wind. Marshal decided that we were gonna get into Hooker today, no matter what. The roads were in great shape. But we had wind all day long. Depending on what direction we traveled, it was either a cross wind or head wind. When we got to Liberal, was hoping that the wind would be somewhat at our back. Well, that would have worked, that is if the wind had stayed in the right direction, but it turned to the east and Marshal had to fight it from the opposite direction. So we were pretty tired when we finally got to Hooker.
Come Tuesday morning, I headed over to the son's to see the grandson. At first Mason was shy, but once I set up my computer and opened an email with a link to an animated card, he was my new best friend. Mason has really grown over the past year. And he is on the go most of the time. We had some interesting conversations.
Tonight is Christmas Eve. Had supper here at the Motor Home with the kids. Gave them their Christmas gifts. Mason may not understand what is going on, but he does like the gifts. I did take quite a few pictures. Tomorrow morning we will have breakfast as the kids. Will spend the morning with them. They will then go to my son's father's home for Christmas dinner. The weather today has been really nice. It has warmed up and we have been able to take showers.
Our Christmas Day was pretty nice. Spent the morning with grandson, Mason and his parents. The day was really nice weather wise. And of course, Mason was in fine form. We just sat around the motorhome and chilled out. The weather has really been really nice for December in the Oklahoma panhandle.
No pictures of the weather while we were traveling. Too busy watching the roads. At one point, wished I did have the camera and was sitting in my seat. But had to sit on the couch with the pups and only got to watch a coyote try to get some road kill off the road. Marshal could not move over due to traffic and he laid on the horn to get the coyote's attention. Finally at the last minute, the coyote ran off the road. So we managed not to kill any wildlife on our trip.

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Melanie said...

What an adventure! But worth it! Happy New Year!