Tuesday, July 05, 2011

We took one day and explored the Owhyee Uplands Back Country Byway. It is definitely back country and very desolute. We saw very few people, vehicles and animals. But it is a very beautiful country. The roads were mainly dirt and/or gravel. The drive starts in hay fields with quite a few farms around, then rapidly heads into the a high mountain desert type of land. As Idaho has had lots of rain and snow this year, the sights were absolutely beautiful with all the wild flowers blooming. We went from sagebrush and wildflowers to rock-walled rivers and streams. The total drive is 101 miles long and well worth the trip. As there are no services out along the drive, it is a good idea to start with a full tank of gas and lots of water to take with. We stopped in the only campground on the drive and had lunch. We carried our own sandwiches with. We made a side trip to Jordan Valley for gas, even we had plenty, we were taking another road and I wanted to be sure we had plenty.

The next road we took that day was to Silver City, Idaho, a ghost town. In it's heyday, quite a bit of silver was taken out. It really didn't have much, but we did make a stop at the cemetery. And that was an adventure. There is only a one lane track to the cemetery and we were in my Jeep. Met up with some ATV's. There was a little track going up the side of the hill for them to pull over to let me by. Yes, I had the right of way. First ATV'er went up the track. Second one refused to move. The girl I am thinking was afraid to go up the hill. And I am thinking it was her husband on the first one, they had an argument, which she lost and she got out of the way. I went on my merry way. While walking in the cemetery, I heard the two of them down on the road having an argument about what had happened. She was not a happy camper. Oh well. After seeing the sights at Silver City, we headed back to our camp after a full day of seeing some beautiful country.

Our count of scenic byways is now 3.

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