Tuesday, July 05, 2011

One of our main goals while here in Grangeville, was to make a jet boat ride down Hell's Canyon. Well, first day here, friend Jane calls the company that we chose for the ride. They had a boat going down that morning and if we could be there in 2 hours, we had a seat. So off to Hell's Canyon we went.
There was 9 people all together on the boat including crew. The normally carries about 30 to 40 people. The captain said that since we were so few, we could take our time at stops and really see things. Headed down the river, the captain was very informative about the different sights and the river. One thing that he said, was the river was pretty darn high for this year. We saw several different wildlife. Deer, Big Horn Sheep, bear, eagles. There were a few rafters also on the river. Watched a bunch of fishermen at the dam fishing for steelhead. While there, one was caught.

Headed up the river, we had three rapids to run. One was classified as a semi bad one. But it sure was fun to do. I really see what river runners see in running the rivers. It is a rush that is super fine. Marshal even says that his day on the boat was awesome.

And I am sure that if he gets the chance to come back, he will.

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