Tuesday, July 05, 2011

We now have a couple of travel days to reach our destination of Grangeville, Idaho. Hoping to make it in there to spend a week and to avoid the 4th of July travel. So as I am the navigator, I get to chose the route we take. So it is from I84 and Boise to the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway, where we turn onto the Wilderness Canyon Byway, which this picture comes from. And finally to the Payette River Scenic Byway.

One thing that we see in these places, are the rivers, which are very high and fast due to the snow melt and rain that Idaho has had this year. We hear on the television that night how one woman lost her life close to Boise due to high water and a kayaker was lost in the Payette River. There are stretches of the rivers, and I mean miles of river that are white water and very dangerous.

This picture is from the Wilderness Canyon Scenic Byway. By the time we arrive in Grangeville, our count of scenic byways is now 6 byways.

We do spend one night at Cascade, Idaho in a nice park. Our site was close to the river. Really too close for my comfort, as the river was running high.

I have found a very nice rv park here in Grangeville, Bear's Den RV Resort. As they are very booked for the 4th weekend, we get a couple of pull throughs for two nights and then we back into some new sites that they have been working on. The owner was working hard for those first two days just to get some new sites available. He had rigs parked on the grass, and in a couple of the sites that have the hook ups, but not really a good place to park. As we have been in worst, it was no big deal to move from the grassy nice sites to the ones we are in now. We have a level site, with full hook ups and wi-fi. We are happy.

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