Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Gosh, where does time go? I haven't posted anything here since the end of October. I have been on line, but just have not felt like putting anything here. I have been busy getting Christmas gifts made up, dealing with doctor's appointments for Marshal and my mother. And the first 3 months of the new year have quite a few doctor's appointments for both of them. I want to get all the doctor stuff out of the way, so that I can go camping and traveling.

I have been busy with different crocheting and knitting projects over the past couple of months. Several of the things that I have made have been a couple of Kindle covers, a netbook cover, an IPad cover and three sweaters for Christmas.
This is the first Kindle cover I made. The oldest granddaughter received a Kindle for Christmas a year ago. Thought that maybe she would enjoy having some kind of cover to collect dust. She is reading all the time, so I don't think her Kindle will spend much time in it's cover. Found a pattern some place on the internet using sock yarn, which I just happen to have in my stash. I also had the buttons saved for a project like this. She fell in love with it.

The next project was an IPad cover for grandson's IPad. At four years of age, he is a pro using the IPad. In fact, he showed Grandma how to use it. I asked him if he would like a cover and what color did he want. So here is it. This one is crocheted. It is also a pattern that I found on the internet. I am gonna have to write down the sites that I get patterns from.

On the way home from our last trip, we stopped in Pagosa Springs, Colorado to visit with a brother of Marshal's. One afternoon we went shopping in Durango. That Walmart there happen to have the netbook I had been looking for, but was unable to find one here around home. So I bought it. So when I got home, that meant I needed to have a net book cover. I used purple yarn for this cover. It shows blue though here.

Then it was time to see what I could come up for Christmas for the grandchildren. Decided to use a pattern for a hoodie sweater on the Lion Brand website to make sweaters for the three grandchildren.

This is the sweater for the grandson. I thought that camo would make a good choice for a little boy. Then for the girls I used mint green and light lavender. Was able to get all three sweaters done in plenty of time to ship them for Christmas. The kids love having the sweaters. I did do a couple of slight modifications to the sweaters so that they would fit better.

We stayed at home for Thanksgiving. Did go to the truck stop with friends for dinner.

In November, we did receive a good snowfall. It came down pretty good and stayed for awhile. At the time, we were thinking that we were gonna not see the sun until March or April. So far, we really haven't received any more snow or rain. Just slight amounts. But it has been cold.

For Christmas, we stayed at home. We did go to the free Christmas Dinner at the Senior Center.

For Christmas, one of the gifts I received was a Kindle. I have figured out how to use it and have downloaded several books to it so far. I did want a different type of cover for it. So used plastic canvas and needlepoint. No pattern, just did what I felt like doing.

New Year's found us at home.

Hope that everyone has a fantastic Happy New Year.

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