Sunday, December 20, 2009

No pictures this time. Just some thoughts on this time of the year. Have been sitting here all day long looking out the window at the fog. We have had a very cold fog here and it doesn't look like it is gonna lift anytime soon. Visibility has been no more than 1/8 of a mile if that. And that is in town, so out on the highway, it is probably worst.
It is December 20th, four more days to Christmas. I have done all my shopping, although tomorrow, I am thinking of getting Angel another sweater. I have gotten her already and the past couple of days I did crochet up a quick blanket for her. As if she really needs another sweater and blanket. But as this is our first Christmas without our George, trying to make it special for her.
As Marshal has a doctor's appointment tomorrow and we didn't want to brave what the weather could be this year, we are staying home for the holidays. Which is fine. I would like to be with Mason this year also, as he is older and will be more fun on Christmas Day. I sent off my packages the other day. I do believe that this is the last year for packages for Christmas. It just costs too much to send the packages. My thoughts are to send gifts on birthdays and probably gift cards for Christmas. That way, it won't take too much out of the wallet this time of the year.
The countdown for Christmas is on and in 4 more days Christmas will be here.

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