Sunday, January 27, 2008

After staying away from dishcloths for several months, I realized that my stash of handmade dishcloths was getting low. So I decided to get back into knitting and crocheting some dishcloths for the stash. These make nice last minute gifts as needed. And if all else fails, then I can use them myself. I like them much better than the store bought ones. They stand up a whole better than the store bought ones do. I finally had to throw away a crocheted dishcloth that I had made over 20 years ago. It finally wore out.
This pattern I found on the internet. It called for a size N crochet hook, but to me that was just too big. So I used a size J hook. As it was, it did work up quite quickly. The pattern was quite easy to do.

I find almost all my patterns on the internet now days. Sure does help the pocketbook. There are so many free patterns out there, that a person would not have to buy any more patterns for the rest of their lives.

I have decided to crochet one dishcloth a month. Or more if the mood strikes me!!!! LOL!

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