Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here it is almost the end of February and yes, I have been lax in keeping my blog updated. Just has not been all that easy to deal with everyday life since the last entry. Here is a rundown if I can remember it all.
First off, I had that crud. I would have some good days and some bad days. And it hung in there forever. From before Halloween until just after the first of the year, I had it. And that crud had a cough that hung in also. Which was not made any better from the medicine I was taking for my blood pressure. A side effect of the medicine was a cough. Then seems like I developed acid reflux and really didn't know it. And a cough is one sign of that condition. I was hit a double whammy. And on top of all this, was dealing with my driving Marshal and my mother to their doctor's appointments. With Marshal, it was a chronic sore throat and voice being hoarse. We had made a couple of trips to Salt Lake to the VA, to have it checked out. Finally, after scoping his throat out, the doctor's decided that he had acid reflux and that was the problem, no cancer or any other problem. But they wanted him to has his esophagus checked out. That appointment was in January. No problems there either. So that was one thing down and taken care.

Mother has had wet macular degeneration in her eyes and we have been making trips to Logan to have shots in her eyes to take care of that problem. Then she got chronic fatigue and not feeling well. The PA checked her blood and found that she had high calcuim, which is a sign that the parathyroid is not working correctly. So she had surgery in January to remove two of her parathyroids. And that took care of that problem.

The crud was really getting me down and it finally come to a head in December at Christmastime. We finished up with doctor's appointments a couple of days before Christmas. I told myself, now I can get a week and half of rest and get better. Well, the crud and the cough caused by several problems, really did me in. I had to have Marshal take me to the Emergency Room on Christmas Eve. The doctor gave me some cough medicine to take. I knew that if I could at least slow down the cough, I could get some sleep. And it worked. I finally got over the crud and the cough from it just after the first of the year. Still had the cough from the medicine and acid reflux.

Talked to the doctor and we changed my medicine for blood pressure. My cough slowed down, but still had it. Finally here this past week, been doing some reading and checking out acid reflux. So now I am treating it with baking soda and my cough is about gone. Sure glad to have some relief from the coughing. I plan on using a couple more natural remedies to work on the acid reflux.

This basically takes me to the end of the year and some what into the new year.

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