Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yesterday, August 14th, we took off on another ATV trail ride. The day was perfect. Sun shining, but not too hot with a breeze blowing to help keep it fairly cool. Altogether, there was 8 ATV's and 9 people. This time we started out on an old trail that we have done before, transitioning over to a new trail. The new trail was really beautiful, but rough. This above picture was an easy part of the trail. It was very rocky. And did I say rough? The new trail is called South Canyon trail. It was mostly in the trees, so that made it really nice and not too hot.
We did have an accident. One of the ATV's got stuck on a log ramp we had to go over. It got high centered. When it finally went forward, the rider, who was standing at the side, went flying and landed on the ground. Of the two guys that were pushing from the rear, one went down and hit hard, but did not break any bones. But he was dizzy for a few minutes afterwards. The other was able to catch himself, so he just stumble. It could have been worse, but wasn't. Which we are thankful for.
Most of us decided that even though the trail was beautiful, due to it roughness, it is a trail to take maybe once a year if that. Today we are sore and stiff from fighting the handlebars yesterday.
It was a fun ride. And I am sure everyone is ready to take a new trail here soon.

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